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The editors of this volume want to thank Peyton Roth for his outstanding research assistance and overall coordination efforts, without which this book would not have been possible. We want to thank all of the contributing authors for their expertise, dedication to conducting rigorous policy analysis, and willingness to share their views with others. We also want to thank the many individuals inside and outside the American Enterprise Institute who helped shepherd this project along, including Ted McCann, Kevin Seifert, Sarah Bowe and the entire AEI Editing Services team, Thomas O’Rourke, Melissa Pranger, Claude Aubert, James Desio, and Abigail Guidera, along with numerous research assistants, interns, and support staff. The completed project is far better because of your contribution. Finally, we want to thank the American Enterprise Institute and its leaders, including President Robert Doar and Director of Domestic Policy Studies Ryan Streeter, for supporting this project and creating an environment conducive to the competition of ideas.